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May 2020
The Subway Is Yours is an ongoing project protesting the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the various ways in which they mistreat the people who rely on them.  In the fall of 2019, it was announced that the MTA would be hiring 500 new transit police officers to improve ‘quality of life’ issues and combat fare evasion in the NYC Subway. This sudden focus on fare evasion serves as a distraction from the other issues the MTA continues to ignore. The MTA’s debt continues to soar, Governor Cuomo and the Board continue to call the shots from afar, the infrastructure that needs to be fixed continues to be ignored, and the Subway continues to be over-policed. The service the MTA provides has turned into a disservice.

TSIY promotes fare evasion by creating a visual and physical presence of opposition to the MTA within the NYC Subway. The dispenser and stickers serve as a kind of helpline that spreads accessible knowledge and tools to Subway riders that can be used against the MTA. The posters serve as a way to distribute the message of this project online.